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My Sir Bob Paisley Tribute

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That's a great piece Paul.
Glad you've dug it out again.


Paul Tomkins:
Cheers, guys. Maybe I should have stuck to articles like that, as I ended up getting too bogged down in recent performances. Thankfully, since I stopped writing regularly, we've started banging in goals for fun. Happy days!

Still not sure why, having won three E. Cups, there's no statue of Sir Bob outside Anfield, too. Doesn't make sense... A year later, and still no sign of one.

Eli_B (aka Badland Red):
Well Paul_T...

The ideal place or location for a statue of Sir Bob would be next to statue of Shankly. Or inside the Paisley gates  8) ;)

Great review of Bobs talents and achievements ,which many in the football world hardly mention now.

A statue would be an ideal tribute as it would serve as a reminder to all who watched his teams play. But it would have the added bonus of bringing his name to many who did not know him. Its nearly 20 years since he retired, so there must be a whole generation who could learn about him.

Brilliant article, Paul!


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