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Not quite so 'Super' League

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--- Quote ---The Super League proposal is returning this week. [@SamWallaceTel]
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Dave McCoy:
It made minimal sense for the PL teams then and it makes even less sense now. Less meaning no in this case. I'm guessing this will just be Juve, Barca and Real Madrid coming up with more ideas that would try to get them back to the top of the roost which should be a non-starter for PL teams.

Might be a bit early now that the next 3 years of TV deals have been secured but I'm actually somewhat surprised that feelers haven't been put out in regards to expanding the PL with a view to the future TV deals. In hindsight Project Big Picture was probably dead on arrival due to needing teams to vote to basically relegate themselves with the reduction to 18 teams. Going the opposite way and expanding it, getting buy-in from the FL by adding more teams there and then the continental teams could be pretty appealing. Probably too radical but you have to keep in mind the PL is competing for TV dollars with UEFA and FIFA to a degree so nothing would be all that surprising if history is anything to go by.

A European league, similar to CL that you have to qualify for, but not run by UEFA sounds like a great idea to me. 

The problem is, anyone with sense knows that UEFA needs to go and the CL needs to be reformed, badly, but those same people also have the sense to realise Perez et al aren't doing it out of love for the game or to push for progressive change.

I also think it's pretty transparent that Real, Barca and Juve want to use this to dig themselves out of a hole. I actually think beyond the obvious want for a bigger slice of the pie that FSG actually thought this would be a way to level the playing field with some actually enforceable financial fair play rules.

I do wish this would just fck off.

Hopefully, we're no where near this, and having the 'agreement' between FSG & SoS means fans would have to be sold on this.

We're in the running to win two of the biggest football competitions again this season. We've got one of the most storied histories in both. Leaving either or both is all about money and not about football. There are historical rivalries that would be broken just the rush for more funds.  We complain about the stupid money some players demand in the current competitions, that would probably skyrocket under such a scheme.


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