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deFacto please, you bastards:

Daniel Sturridge reflected on his Liverpool revival and admitted: "I feel at home again."

The England striker looked destined to leave Anfield this summer after dropping down the pecking order and enduring an injury-plagued loan spell at West Brom.

However, he returned on a mission to force his way into Jurgen Klopp's plans and has made a big impact with his performances so far in pre-season.

"I'm enjoying myself and enjoying my football. I can't ask for any more," he told

ďI love it here. I love the lads and the banter in the group is unbelievable. I feel at home again. Iím just happy to be back and to push myself and be part of the group again.

ďWhen I went away I learned too. Thatís also a good thing. When youíre not involved in the environment you learn a lot about yourself, the team, watching from afar and seeing how the team are playing. You can learn more when youíre outside the environment.

ďI learned a lot watching the games the boys were playing in and also being away and being in a different teamís environment and seeing how they work too.

ďMy ambition is to train hard and work hard in pre-season. Iím not putting any pressure on myself or the management or my team-mates. Itís about enjoying myself.

Iím part of an unbelievable group, we have a chance to be successful this season. Everybody is pulling together and being part of that unity Ė being together as one and trying to make this team successful Ė is what itís all about.

ďWe want to win trophies and we want to be successful. It starts now and itís a long season."


I love his attitude since he's joined the club, especially now, he seems motivated even more so, he's one of the most talented strikers in recent years that have played for this club and it's a shame that he's had a Harry Kewell career  injury wise. He's a good lad, who has gotten some weird unwarranted stick in the past as if he wants to get injured, perhaps it's all wishful thinking but touch wood, I hope he is at the club come August 12th.

I think he still has plenty to prove, plenty to contribute and I'd rather have him here than not. He's looked sharp so far, hopefully that continues and for once he gets a bit of luck injury wise.

Mutton Geoff:
He can still do a job for us if he can stay fit.

Iíve always liked Danny, if he can stay fit he can prove to be an asset coming off the bench.

deFacto please, you bastards:

--- Quote from: AndyMuller on July 23, 2018, 08:56:09 pm ---Iíve always liked Danny, if he can stay fit he can prove to be an asset coming off the bench.

--- End quote ---

Same here, love it when he scores.

What a great attitude to have, I really hope he can play a part in our season.


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