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Roberto Firmino

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He's really beginning to look a very good player isn't he. Clever movement, intelligent passing, getting into the right positions in and around the box and developing an understanding with a few other players, plus a few tidy finishes recently.

It takes time to adapt into a new league and team, and we haven't exactly been an easy team for new players to settle into the past two seasons, but he has shown flashes all season and hopefully can now show some consistency.

I think he could be devastating playing with Sturridge up front as a mobile and fluid front two. He needs to be close to the oppositions goal as he is one of our biggest threats, it will be interesting going into next season what Klopp's vision for the team is but I think Firmino will be central to his plans.

Gerry Attrick:
On course for about 10 goals and 10 assists this season, I think that'd qualify as a good opening gambit at the club.

Have said it since the start that he is going to need time to adjust and he will be a very good player for us. I am glad that is starting to show now, hope we will see the real Firmino next season.

He's ticking along very nicely now, imagine if we ever get to see him play a consistent run of games alongside Coutinho and Sturridge.

an fear dearg:
5 goals and 5 assists in around 1400 minutes and he's really only finding his feet.  These stats are similar to a little Uruguayan in his first season with us.  I really think that he will be a top, top player and if we get the other Tex in then the front line will be potentially devastating with Phil and Adam, never mind Sturridge if he ever gets fit.  He could hit 15 goals this season as I reckon he has the smell for it now.


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