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We got Bayer.....heres theCL draw

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Real Madrid v Bayern Munich

Manchester United v Dep. La Coruņa

Barcelona v Panathinaikos

Bay. Leverkusen v Liverpool

Group winners (i.e. US) play home leg second
Quarter-finals 1st leg - 02,03 Apr 2002
Quarter-finals 2nd leg - 09,10 Apr 2002

Good stuff, i'm happy with that :)

AND THE MANCS IN THE SEMI IF WE BOTH GET THROUGH!! Whohoo!! Oh hang on a minute, they've got Depor, they've lost twice to them already!

Finally the mancs luck has run out.  It is about time they got a hard draw and us a "relatively"(compared to others we could have got) easy draw

Anyone know the amount of tickets we will probably get from the germans?

Not sure, but their stadium only houses 25,000 i think, so the alloc will defo be small. Aren't they obliged to hand over a % of the tickets for a Euro match?


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