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'✨ Ten for Taki ✨  Enjoy all 🔟 of Takiís important goals so far this season 👏':- (a 1 minute video of all of Taki's 10 goals this season, so far...)

Liverpool Or Man City 🔥 Steven Gerrard can give Liverpool the Title if he Smash City & Ian Wright HD

I think Ian Wright is a closet Liverpool fan. The Kelly and wright show about the title race.

Dim Glas:

--- Quote from: IgorBobbins on May 18, 2022, 12:53:38 pm ---Thanks for the reply. Doesnít look like thereís a solution, which is disappointing.  I guess the majority of RAWK users browse the site on a PC, because Iíve not seen many other people raise this issue. 

Appreciate you providing links in your posts, but lots of it is embedded videos, which is just pages of blank spaces for me   :(. Grrrr

--- End quote ---

I have the same thing, using Safari on a macbook pro.

I donít really look at much youtube vids from here so it doesnít bother me really, Iíll just copy and paste the link if there is one I do want to watch.   

It does make the pages look a mess though, with the big blank spaces and all the code that shows up! 


'Liverpool v Wolves - Build Up | TAW Live':-

'Liverpool v Wolves | Uncensored Match Build Up' - from The RedMen TV:-

'A Season to Celebrate. Whatever Happens Next.' - from The RedMen TV:-


'JŁrgen Klopp's pre-match press conference LIVE | Wolves':-

'Liverpool v Wolves | Klopp Embargo'-ed section 1 of the pre-Wolves press conference:-

'Liverpool v Wolves | Klopp Embargo'-ed section 2 of the pre-Wolves press conference:-

'INSIDE TRAINING: SHOOTING, SKILLS & NEXT-GOAL WINS!' (20th May) - 12 minute video from LFC:-

'37 games down... 1 to go ✊🔴':- (2 minute video)


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