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Welcome to the RAWK golf fantasy league. The rules, though long, are very simple:

1.   Tournaments: All individual tournaments on the European Tour and PGA Tour official schedules with at least 50 players participating. The schedules can be found here:

From 2021, the five women's major tournaments will also be included.

2.   Entry lists: Each Monday, I will post an entry list for each upcoming tournament, with the current odds for each player on the list.

3.   Odds: Odds will be in the decimal format, to spare me typing /1 hundreds of times.

4.   Picks: For each tournament, you have to pick five players, satisfying the following constraints:
  a.   at most one player with odds of 25 or lower
  b.   at most two players (incl. the above) with odds of 50 or lower
  c.   at least two players with odds of 100 or higher
   Entries that violate these rules will be allowed, but individual players will be removed and replaced by the first eligible players on the entry list that have not been picked by anyone else. Players will be accepted in the order they're written, so if you have, for example, two players with odds of 25 or lower, the second will be removed, or if you have four players with odds lower than 100, the fourth will be removed. If more than one player with the same name are playing in a tournament, anyone who posts just the last name will be allocated the first player with that name listed, that doesn't violate the above criteria.

5.   Changes to the entry list and/or odds: The odds I post on Monday are final as far as selections are concerned (i.e., if the odds on your pick drop just before the start of the tournament, and the new odds mean your entry doesnít satisfy the above constraints, this will not invalidate your entry, since no one is obliged to follow the changes after posting an entry). You may, however, pick players who were not on my list if they are late entries to the tournament, provided you post a link to their odds (or a screenshot) that the rest of us can verify.

6.   Deadlines: You may post and edit your entries up to the start of each tournament. I will set a provisional deadline for each tournament when I post the entry list, but the actual deadline will be the first scheduled tee-time (I will update the deadline when the schedule is announced and this deadline will remain fixed even if the start of the tournament if ultimately delayed). You may post entries for different tournaments played the same week in separate posts if you wish to, for example, be able to edit your PGA entry after the European Tour event has already started. However, if you post or edit your entry after the deadline, your entry will score no points at all, even if some of the picked players havenít teed off yet.

7.   Withdrawals: If a player you picked has withdrawn without completing a single hole, he will be replaced by the first listed player that can join your entry without breaking any of the constraints.

8.   Scoring: For regular tournaments, you will get 10 points for picking the winner, 6 for a top 5 finisher, 3 for a top 10 finisher, and 1 for a top 20 finisher (to keep it simple, I will not apply any dead heat rules (e.g., if seven players share the fifth place, they will all get 6 points)). For knock-out tournaments, 10 points will go to the winner, 6 to the top 4, 3 to the top 8, and 1 to the top 16. Players with odds of 100 or higher will have their points doubled and, starting in 2018, players with odds of 300 or higher will have their points trebled. A ten-point bonus will be awarded to anyone who picks the winner at two consecutive tournaments, in order of round 1 tee-times, which may be different from the order in which the tournaments end. Such a bonus can be awarded for getting two winners in the same week, or for getting the last winner one week and the first winner the following week. In a week with three tournaments, no bonus will be awarded for picking only the first and the third winner. (2023 edit: Up to season 17, the same tournament could not be used for two bonuses, so picking three winners in a row only resulted in one bonus being awarded.)

9.   Seasons: There will be three seasons in one calendar year, the first will run until the end of April, the second will end on August 13, and the third will run until the end of the year. The player who collects most points will win. In the case of ties, the player who picked most winners will win. If still tied, the players with the highest score (followed by second highest, third highest, etc.) at any single tournament will win. If still tied, there will be a playoff.

2022 update

SEASON 1 ends April 23
SEASON 2 ends August 6
SEASON 3 ends with the last tournament in December

10. Missed entries: If you don't make an entry for a tournament, you will score no points. However, each player will earn two default entries by making one entry in a season. A default entry will consist of the first five listed players that do not violate the selection criteria and that have not been picked by any other player who made an entry for the tournament.


Thatís it for now, Iíll be back on Monday with next weekís entry lists. Iíll send reminders by PM to anyone who expresses interest in playing. Iíll also try to send weekly reminders a day before the deadline to those who havenít posted yet.



2017, SEASON 1: Gerry Attrick
2017, SEASON 2: BoRed
2017, SEASON 3: Red85
2018, SEASON 4: BoRed
2018, SEASON 5:
2018, SEASON 6: Gerry Attrick
2019, SEASON 7: FlashGordon (formerly known as Red85)
2019, SEASON 8: BoRed
2019, SEASON 9: BoRed
2020, SEASON 10: Gerry Attrick
2020, SEASON 11: Buck Pete
2021, SEASON 12: BoRed
2021, SEASON 13: Gerry Attrick
2021, SEASON 14: BoRed
2022, SEASON 15: Fiasco
2022, SEASON 16: BoRed
2022, SEASON 17: Gerry Attrick
2023, SEASON 18: BoRed
2023, SEASON 19: Gerry Attrick
Nice one Bo

Can't do worse than in the pilot!!

Looking forward to it

Buck Pete:
Cheers Bo

Bring it on!!

Gerry Attrick:
Hopefully I'll fare a bit better this time!


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