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Drafts - please read.


The 5th Benitle:
We're aware that draft competitions are very popular on here. However, there are a lot running at the moment and what with the various discussion/selection/voting threads they were totally clogging up the general sport/footy forum.
So they've been moved into this sub forum, which is a natural home anyway.
It's been pointed out that voting threads (and for that matter drafter recruitment threads) require more visibility. Noted - please use gen footy and sport for these. I'd appreciate it though if:
The 'organiser' could let me know when a thread is 'done' so I can move it in here or whatever.
You could keep threads to a minimum. We can't have 10 new threads for 10 rounds of voting, there has to be a way of doing it that doesn't require a new thread each time.
Any questions ask here.


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