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Mohamed Salah - Best in the World

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Third fastest to 150 goal involvements in PL history behind Henry and Shearer.

Mohamed Salah has been directly involved in 25 goals in all competitions this season (17 goals, 8 assists), more than double that of any other Premier League player.

Trump's tiny tiny hands:

--- Quote from: 1892tillforever on November 27, 2021, 07:25:48 pm ---He hardly ever has a "quiet" game. Even if he doesn't score or even when he has an off game (rare) he's s nightmare to deal with. Ridiculous consistency.

--- End quote ---

Jota took 2 goals off him yesterday. One off his toe, that Jota scored himself, the other he skied with Salah arriving at the back stick. “Quiet” by his standards but by only small margins.

7th? Seriously?

disgraced cake:
What fucking freaks voted Salah to finish seventh. That's crazy, but it's always been a bit shite anyway.

After we won the Champions League, Ronaldo finished above Salah and Mane. That was truly nuts  ;D. Van Dijk was unlucky not to win it that year but Messi was insane too, mental how he's won it this time though.


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