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Mohamed Salah - Best in the World

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Mister men:

--- Quote from: fucking appalled on October 27, 2021, 04:50:06 pm ---You seemed pretty certain twenty minutes ago :D

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But it is the reality. He's not going to stay unless we give him the figures he wants. I wish he'd be happy with the already obscene amounts he's already getting paid but if he was he would have signed already


--- Quote from: Kashinoda on October 27, 2021, 06:03:52 pm ---Erm, what in the fuck  ???

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Who dreamed this up, just totally unbelievable. He isnt of African descent, he is just African, and not very black.

I little bit on Mo from Ben Foster. Short vid.

Apologies if this was posted already - it’s good.

Dr Stu-Pid:

--- Quote from: royhendo on October 29, 2021, 06:38:05 am ---Apologies if this was posted already - it’s good.

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Thanks for posting that, interesting article.

Not sure about this though:

“Salah lit it up in his first campaign on Merseyside, hitting the ground at a record-breaking pace and providing an instant return on the investment with a 32G+9A debut season”

“Salah’s first season was his best. His other seasons – which “only” returned 19G+8A, 16G+9A, and 16G+5A – were hardly bad Premier League campaigns either. “

His 4 seasons to date have been;  32G+10A, 22G+8A, 19G+10A, and 22G+5A (based on data from the PL website).

I assume that they are quoting non-penalty goals here rather than actual goals?  If they are then they should really make that clearer, and given that most of the players that make up the top scorer lists also take penalties then those numbers are still elite rather than simply being ‘hardly bad’.  For example his 16 non-penalty goals were good enough for 3rd in the PL last season.

Plus, I don’t see any good reason to ignore penalties from goal scoring stats.  Penalty goals count the same as non-penalty goals, and having an elite penalty taker is a massive plus point for a team.


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