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Mohamed Salah - Best in the World

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Notorious IT:
These figures are absolutely horrifying. I understand its the way football is, but the way most of us struggle by week by week and then footballers demanding ever increasing amounts is disgusting. Its the way it is though, and its only getting worse, and we have to pay it.. 😄

Mister men:

--- Quote from: Craig 🤔 on October 27, 2021, 04:31:38 pm ---Is it? Has he shown much interest in playing for a despot club?

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I don't know do you? Maybe he doesn't care once he's getting 500k a week iv'e no idea.

El Lobo:

--- Quote from: Mister men on October 27, 2021, 04:48:14 pm ---I don't know do you? Maybe he doesn't care once he's getting 500k a week iv'e no idea.

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You seemed pretty certain twenty minutes ago :D

--- Quote from: Mister men on October 27, 2021, 04:25:28 pm ---If we don't pay him he'll just end up at City, PSG or Newcastle that's the reality.

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Like it or not we live in a market economy. Comparing Moís wages to what a nurse or teacher earns is a specious argument. It isnít greed to be paid what is fair in the market youíre employed in. 

I have no doubt Mo would take less than what he could get at PSG but how much less should we expect him to take? 50k a week less? 200k? Itís not really for us to judge.

I would like to think that both sides will compromise and weíll get a deal. Not 500k but not 300k either. Personally I think he should be paid more than any other squad member. Heís the best player in the world.

Erm, what in the fuck  ???

--- Quote ---During Black History Month, we are celebrating the contribution players of African and Caribbean descent have made to the Premier League in each of the last 30 seasons. 2017/18 - Mohamed Salah

When Liverpool signed Salah in the summer of 2017, few could have expected just how much of an impact he would have in his first season.

During his previous spell in England with Chelsea, the Egyptian struggled to make his mark, making only 13 Premier League appearances and scoring twice.

And so, after two years in Italy with Fiorentina and Roma, when Jurgen Klopp brought him to Anfield in 2017 Salah returned to England with a point to prove.

It was quickly evident that Salah's fortunes would be different this time, and he scored an incredible 32 Premier League goals in 2017/18, a record in a 38-match season.
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