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Ged back!!


Supurb to see him on the touch line tonight. complete surprise to me, but when i saw him there i just knew there was only going to be 1 result. lets hope the lads continue to play like this for the rest of the season and give him a welcome back prezzie. league or cup, or both!

;D the boss is back in town

If his heart wasn't pounding with emotion  :o when the Kop sung his name ( frequently i might add)..

What a feeling it must have given him!
Better than the treble? :)

Rick Parry has just been on Radio 5 and "confirmed" that this is a full-time return and that his role will remain exactly the same as it was before October. Personally I'd have thought it a good idea to pick and choose the games a bit but in Ged's Doctors we Trust...

Shaky Jake:
Great to see him back. Big lump in my throat when I saw him there next to Thommo.

He looks like he's lost some weight. Let's hope he looks after himself and manages his stress.

Allez allez...


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