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3 points fail to hide another dismal performance.

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A Emile Heskey goal half way through the second half failed to hide another dismal performance by Liverpool, and the goal only came after a mistake by Leicester’s young midfielder Matty Jones.

It was another typical Liverpool performance started off brightly but failing to keep up this good work when they couldn’t break the Leicester defence down. And once they had the lead failing to capitalise on it and punishing the very poor Leicester.

There is absolutely no doubt that Leicester will be a Nationwide team come the start of next season and with Liverpool struggling to beat them it does leave you wondering are Liverpool in a false position.

In the first 10 minutes a wonderful piece of skill by Berger gave him the opportunity for the first attempt of the game, the ball was blocked though by Leicester centre half Matt Elliot, the ball rebounded to Anelka who’s shot again was blocked going out for a Liverpool corner.

A few minutes later again Berger had a good chance from a free-kick which he blasted inches wide of England international Ian Walkers goal. It was another long distance shot by Hamman flashed just past the Leicester goal. The last chance and best! Of the first half fell to the impressive Stephen Wright a good run down the right flank caused the Leicester defence all sorts of problems, he cut inside the area but unfortunately his shot was cleared off the line the experienced Leicester defender Jacob Laursen.

Again the second half was rather uneventful as the reds stopped playing football and started the new team competition again of who can kick the ball the highest and furthest forward to the opposition centre half! I think you get maximum points if you reach the keeper and a bonus prize if you manage to kick it out for a goal kick, although the game of passing it back to Dudek from 80 yards seems to have stopped.

The goal came just before the hour mark, Matty Jones lost possession of the ball in the centre midfield, Heskey got possession and burst forward racing past the Leicester defence, he was left one on one with Walker and to everyone’s surprise he calmly placed the ball into the net! Just as he was about to shoot you could see everyone in the Kop begin to duck as they thought the ball was about to fly over the bar and at them but to his credit the £11 million waste of space so called striker managed his 2nd goal in his last 35 games! (yep if you aint guessed before now you will now know that I aint a Heskey fan!) the bloke is just a complete waste of space how anyone can justify paying £11 million for him is just beyond me.

The rest of the game past off uneventfully except from the constant howling from the Main Stand which I presume was new signing Abel Xavier as it was a full moon!

Like most people I’m not sure if the long ball game we are playing is down to tactics or just lack of confidence, I don’t think that question can be answered as its probably like the chicken and the egg and cant be answered but hopefully we will be able to solve our problem!

MAN OF THE MATCH – well except for the referee for blowing the final whistle, the only player to impress was young right back Stephen Wright, what a future he has in the game, lets just hope we sign him up on a new contract as his contract expires in the summer.

Feeling a bit moany today arent we???

Fuck sake, ok maybe it wasnt great but it was 3 points - and thats not to be sniffed at, esp since Leicster are battling away to survive.

I really think we can get a result  against Leeds, they were pish last nite.

Plus with Mickey and Stevie G back - you got to keep the faith mate.

I didnt see it last nite, but i have seen enough to sympathise a bit with what u r saying. However i never turn my nose up at a victory - and I think u r being way to harsh on Emile.

Anyways - onwards and upwards HOPEFULLY!!!!

NIred wrote:

--- Quote ---Feeling a bit moany today arent we

Fuck sake, ok maybe it wasnt great but it was 3 points
--- End quote ---

It's been like that all season !
And OK, Leicester badly need the points BUT:
if we have to be happy with a boring 1-0 win over them where is the pre-season ambition the fans had ?
Sure, I'm 31 and not all that naive anymore, but I had a good laugh when everybody was crying we were going to win all the silver this season. Still I expected a little bit more than 3 points from a Leicester home win in abysmal style. I've said it before, good football made this club big and it hurts me to see "boring" Arsenal playing better than we do at this time. Fuck, even teams like Villa or Newcastle show more class in midfield sometimes. And of course we "walk on with hope in our heart", but the fun is gone a bit. We have a right to expect more, after all, the harder they come, the harder they fall.

Kinell lads - I thought I'd stumbled on to the official site by mistake!!  ;D  'Boring' Arsenal?  Second only to the Mancs in the quality of their attacking football IMO, neither of whom are as defensively sound as we are.

It's hardly a secret that we're not playing well at the moment and we seem to struggle most when playing against the so-called lesser sides in the league.  But the fact remains that we are only a couple of points off the top (four if Arsenal - the team most likely to win it IMO - win their game in hand).

If we were to get a result against Leeds on Sunday, something I don't think is beyond us by any means, then we will be going into the final stages of the season with possibly the easiest run-in of the top six, with only two home games (against Chelsea and Newcastle) to come against top-six sides.

The form has to turn sometime and class will out, but I'd be happy with 1-0 wins every week if it meant we were in the top three come the end of the season.

As for last night's performance, yeah it was only 1-0 and we ought to have battered what is a very poor side, but they have been our bogey side over the last few years and we've done the double over them this season (though admittedly we're hardly the only ones!).

I'd certainly rather be discussing a poor 1-0 win, than a draw or even a loss if their one shot on target had gone in.  Grinding out the results is what we have to do while our form is poor - not that it makes it any more fun to watch.

Have been off ill for a couple of days and watched a couple of videos, whilst dribbling snot every which way, including the 3-1 against the Mancs earlier this season - what a performance that was and showed what we are capable of.  I still feel that this squad has it in them to be very, very good and the prolonged absence of GH is a huge factor in our equally prolonged run of poor form.

Give the lads a break eh?  If we are there or thereabouts when (if) GH comes back, then we'll be in there come the end of the season.

Keep the faith!!


--- Quote ---Kinell lads - I thought I'd stumbled on to the official site by mistake!!  
--- End quote ---

Why is it that every time someone has a bit of criticism there is talk about the official site ?

Dave, I think your right to mention the absence of Gerard Houllier especially since the lack of good play seems to be due to the lack of fine tuning rather than the quality of the players at the club at this time.

By the way, what does Kinell mean ?


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