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<<< He's the reason I'm a Liverpool fan today.  (Well, John, Paul, George, Ringo had an impact as well.)

First introduction to English football as American college student studying in England in spring 1986.  I had no idea LFC was the top team and at one of its peaks of success during that time period.  I just knew that this team from Liverpool had this guy up front who always knew where the ball was going before anyone else did and he usually capitalized on that by then putting it in the back of the net.  He didn't seem to be the most athletic or fastest or have the best touch...  he was just the best player I saw.  (For you Americans of my age, he played soccer like Larry Bird played basketball.)

How lucky of me to have chosen the greatest club of all time...  Thanks Sir Ian.


--- Quote from: Barrow Shaun on January 17, 2022, 06:57:46 pm ---I love this man. He was my 10/11 years old to adulthood, every week, every season.

Where to start?

The last minute winner at Spurs in 86 and what that led to. The goals v Everton, but mostly the two goals in the FA Cup Final in 1986, the amount of times the update popped up from Teletext and my mam sighed but let me "just quickly" check and it saying RUSH, the first goal v United at Anfield, the winner in the second leg - that downward header v Athletic Bilbao (radio I think), the tikky-takky with John Barnes before Stan Collymore walloped home that winner in the first 4-3 v Newcastle..... so many....   Dropping to his knees after his penalty v Roma - and all the goals he got that year!....the hattrick at Villa....

The first goal I saw him score with my own eyes was in a 2-1 win v Arsenal at the start of 86/87 (never seen it back but a compilation or two suggested perhaps it was in there) and the last goal v Leicester in 1995 (2-0, Robbie got the other). A few in between but games were few and far for me as I lived in Cumbria and wasn't brought up with easy spending money.

I remember as a 12 year old being pissed off that on a day when both Rushy and Tony woodcock had scored 5 each (for Liverpool v Luton and Arsenal at Villa (6-0 and 2-6) the next week's Shoot! magazine rated Woodcock's performance as 10/10 but Rush as only 9/10.

In the letters page a week later, Shoot's response (justifying their 9 rating for Rush): (was something like) "The way Liverpool are dominating right now, Ian Rush could turn up in his wellies and still bag a hattrick."

For me, 1981 to 1990, (10 and a half to 19 and a half years old) was mostly just about Ian Rush.

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Cried when he left & cried when he came back  ;D

Love the man.

afc turkish:

--- Quote from: WhereAngelsPlay on January 18, 2022, 12:44:29 am ---Cried when he left & cried when he came back  ;D

Love the man.

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In between, it was like he was living in a foreign country...


--- Quote ---Liverpool goalscoring legend Ian Rush is heading up a consortium which is seeking to buy a majority stake in Irish Premiership club Crusaders.

Members of the north Belfast club were briefed on the proposal at an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) on Thursday night.

If accepted, it is believed the overall investment in the Shore Road-based club could reach 2.5m.

The move would see Crusaders link up with 15 other Ian Rush Academies.

The Crues also hope the investment would help with potential stadium redevelopment and provide links with agents in Asia, France and West Africa to strengthen their first team.

The club envisages that acceptance of the proposal would help fully establish their full-time professional set-up and provide an increased emphasis on and platform for youth.

The proposals include the formation of a player academy with a strong educational element, a player development strategy and enhanced income streams from football-related and non-football related sources, including selling players on from their academy.

The IRAMA company, of which former Wales international Rush is a significant shareholder and involves several other businessmen, is understood to be looking to buy a 70% share in Crusaders, which is valued in the region of 750,000.

This sum would then be re-invested by the members, with the consortium understood to be willing to put an additional 1.75m into the club, making the project worth a potential 2.5m in total.

Crusaders members are being asked to consider the bid in the context of other clubs in the league adopting full-time models in recent times, the fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic and a desire to challenge for trophies rather than accept a mid-table league position.

No vote was taken at Thursday's meeting at which a detailed presentation was made but if accepted a number of the stated ambitions are expected to be in place for the start of next season.

Rush scored a club record 346 goals in 660 games during two spells for Liverpool. He also played for Chester City, Juventus and Leeds United.

He won 73 caps for Wales, netting 28 goals.

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Please don't do it  :'(


--- Quote from: Barneylfc∗ on March 10, 2022, 10:46:28 pm ---

Please don't do it  :'(

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Just curious; why are you against it?


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