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Rest In Peace, Andy G (Andy Gray) :'(

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So Sorry to hear this Paul. Andy was a cultured man and a wonderfully articulate writer on here, and I find that usually separates us from the run of the mill clubs forums, having so much talent. I enjoyed his and your excepts for the family book last year. How was progress I wonder. If he didn't finish, I am guessing that means the baton is handed to you, if you ever find the time.

Update from Paul:

Andy's funeral will take place on Monday, July 26th and, for various reasons relating mainly to the currently obvious situation, it will be a small, private, family affair.

I have asked if there are any plans to livestream and if there are any JustGiving fundraising elements to it.

Updates to follow.

deFacto please, you bastards:
So deeply sorry for your loss, my condolences to you and your family. RIP Andy, YNWA.

Red Berry:
Deepest condolences. RIP.

Andy G:
Hi everyone,

Please find below details regarding the live streaming of Andrew Gray痴 funeral on Monday 26th July at 11am.

The funeral itself will be a very small affair with only immediate family members and a handful of friends attending. The reason for this is as a result of the need to restrict numbers due to a number of immediate family members shielding due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, so that their ongoing health and safety can be maintained.

Please feel free to share this post with anyone who may be interested.

Kind regards,

Paul (Andy痴 Brother)


The live stream event has now been set up for the service of Andrew Gray at Holy Family Catholic Church, Allestree on Monday the 26th July at 11am.

The link is:
The password is: GR2021
(The password is the first two letters of the surname followed by the current year)

Guidance and help for watching live stream
What is the best device to watch on?
1. An IPad, IPhone, Tablet
2. A PC will work, however the browser settings and proxys if not correct can cause issues loading the stream.
(Suggestion: Turn off the 'auto-lock' function on your device so it does not turn off during the service.
On an iphone settings>display&brightness>Auto-Lock>Never)
What time will the video stream start?
1. Ideally 10 minutes before the ceremony starts, but I cannot start the video stream until I am in the chapel, and I cannot go in the chapel until the previous service as finished.
If it is running late therefore, the stream may not start until after the official start time. (I am sorry, I have no way of keeping you updated)
How do I start the video?
The steps are simple,
  1. Click the link to the browser.
  2. Enter the password
  3. Click Watch Video
Refresh (F5) Refresh (F5) why is this important?
The internet sends you blocks information, it is not a continual stream of data until the video begins to play.
Even if the screen says 5 mins before it is due to start, you need to press refresh symbol or F5 to reload the page until the video stream starts.
Wait for about 25 seconds every time you press refresh.
Does it matter where I am or how many are watching?
No, it is streamed through Vimeo and Vimeo has no limits or boundaries, as long as you have reasonable internet connection... it will connect.
I can see the screen, but I cannot hear anything?
  - Check that your device and browser is not on MUTE, try turning up the volume.
  - I may have the sound off as staff prepare the chapel, move chairs, talk logistics etc.
The date says 1 January 2022?
It is unlikely you will see this, but this is part of my back up plan and the date will not affect anything. (it is just in case my original channel goes wrong)
I still cannot connect see the video?
Within a few hours of the service finishing, you will be able to watch again on the same link.
There may be no network signal at all from any of the network providers within the location of the funeral, in which case I will not be able to stream.
Over 95% of the UK is covered, but there is always a 5% chance, especially in remote areas.
There is nothing I can do about this and because there is no signal I cannot even inform you that there is not a signal.
I will record in camera and get online as quick as I can, normally within 6 hours, quicker if I can.
I cannot take your call while during the service but email me your number and I will call you back to talk you through as soon as I can. My email is
I watched the service, and all was good.
I would really welcome your feedback so I can tell others who are thinking of having the service streamed, how others watched the service and how it made them feel, especially if you were not able to get to the funeral or live in another country.
My email is

 Best regards,




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