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Anyone got any particular favourites? I was just browsing jaygraham's thread about the pies and didnt want to hijack, so posted this here.

One of my favourite pieces of Liverpool graffiti is the 'Cockneys Die' viewed from the train just on the way out of Lime Street. I've worked all round this country and the amount of people who knew that graffiti I lost count!

On the (ahem) 'other side' of the Mersey the sig 'Cloud 9' always used to appear all over the place, early 70's, think they were some sort of strange mod skin'ead crew from lower beb.

The cockneys die was legendary, wasn't it, and repeated on the bridge over the M62 near the rocket " cockneys must die " ? i think

My all time favourite though was on the substation near british leyland in speke / hunts cross:

--- Quote from: kavah on February  5, 2006, 11:50:25 pm ---"Liverpool Champions yet again"

was a vintage piece. on a substation, on Wood end avenue i think? between Speke and Hunt Cross. I always vowed I'd 'restore it " when we won the league again.
It would be worth getting arrested.

--- End quote ---

and this one

--- Quote from: NickoH on February  5, 2006, 11:23:07 pm ---My most remembered graffiti was in Stanley Park, near the gap turning onto Anfield Road which said 'All Away Fans Die'.........tickled me everytime we saw it.

Please don't post back about fans dying, etc.......... don't mean it like that.

--- End quote ---


An artistic mate of mine does professional & paid stuff like this from time to time, this is outside the C.U.C. building by the Cains brewery in town where I used to work.

Love the quote.

Don't know if you'd really call if graffiti but it's what came to my head when I saw the thread title.

There used to be one in kirkby years ago that was my favourite

"7 Up's great ask Joan Hall"


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