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Ste G:
Following on from the successful Cardiff Banners thread which allowed people to develop ideas for appropriate Cup Final banners, here's a thread for some general ideas.

Please make yourself aware of the Boss Wednesday Agreement before submitting ideas. There is a thread in progress about this subject as I write...  ;)

Here's an idea I have for a banner:

A Liverbird on the flag for the Basque region.

Why? 2 reasons:

1) In honour of Xabi Alonso
2) To represent the City of Liverpool being different from the rest of England. The Basques don't want to be part of Spain, and similarly, there is a feeling amongst Liverpudlians that we are "Scouse not English".

Not sure about a yellow Liverbird, but if it was Red it wouldn't really be visible, unless it was shrunk in which case it would be too small. I'm sure Rafa, Luis and Nando wouldn't take offence to it, Xabi doesn't seem to have a problem with the Spanish flags.

Comments, ideas, suggestions and your own banner ideas.

♠Dirty Harry♠:
But its not a Liverpool flag man

Joe Rogans Chin:
If it's to honor Alonso, then surley it should have his name or number on?

I'd get rid of the Liverbird too, scale it down and lash it on one of the corners.

Ste G:
Something a bit more like

Only with a better styled number 14, and a bigger Liverbird.

Joe Rogans Chin:

--- Quote from: Ste G on March 11, 2005, 05:26:31 pm ---Something a bit more like

Only with a better styled number 14, and a bigger Liverbird.

--- End quote ---

IMO that looks better than the original, I think the Liverbirds about the right size, but agree with your comments about the number 14. Most people would think 'what the fuck?' but hopefully Xabi would appreciate it


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