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Maybe I am in the minority but I don't feel like it's the effects of the ACL injury holding him back. He still has the burst required to beat players, he can whip in a mean cross and he has a cracking shot. He just hasn't played well when called upon - as some have pointed out, he seems to be trying too hard and nothing is coming off for him. The inconsistency and inability to make a difference when playing are what has limited him in my opinion, and they don't appear injury-related to me. The way in which our play has evolved may also have blunted his obvious strengths, eg, dribbling and running at defenders. He is a versatile player who is good at several things, but we have specialists who are just better at everything Ox can do.

I like him, and would be sad to see him leave, and I hope that when he looks back he won't regret leaving Arsenal for us. I think he has still done better at Liverpool than he would have staying at Arsenal.

El Lobo:

--- Quote from: mrantarctica on May 20, 2022, 09:12:13 am ---He's still had some fine moments even after all his injuries. Unfortunately he's struggled for consistency. Too many of his performances this season haven't been good. He's been wasteful in possession and he doesn't quite get the ball back enough or do enough initiating the press up the pitch. He's also been played infrequently, perhaps out of position and generally in cup teams with other players who are a bit cold as well. It's telling that JK things he's in tremendous shape and yet he doesn't get on the pitch.

That being said, he's conducted himself really professionally and I'm sure a valued member of the squad, even if he doesn't play. His career isn't over, there are other clubs to play for and make his mark on the game. Sometimes, just moving to a club where there's slightly less competition and playing less frequently can be the difference. Look at Lallana. He's played more games in 2 seasons at Brighton than he achieved in 3 seasons here. I sometimes wonder whether he could even go to a club like Roma as Abraham has done. I think he'd tear it up there in an AM role.

--- End quote ---

He'll leave with a really good legacy, whilst still also being a 'what if' sort of player. He played a big role in us getting to Kiev (which is where it all really started), he scored some important goals when we won the league and he's played his part in every competition this season. And like you say he's conducted himself well, never moaned or complained.

I agree that it is not a physical problem with him this season. Maybe trying too hard to force it in attack, thereby failing and to boot, leaving defensive gaps, which would make Klopp not trust him at this key part of the season? Was telling that he could not even get a minute against saints, even ahead of Elliot and Jones.

Ox getting a hammy soon is my bet. Congrats!  ;D


--- Quote from: Samie on June 18, 2022, 09:31:23 pm ---Ox getting a hammy soon is my bet. Congrats!  ;D

--- End quote ---

He could've at least put a clean shirt on first.


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