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Welcome to Liverpool Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

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Really, really happy with this.

Great option to have, we now got a good number of multi-functional players who can cover a couple of positions allowing us to have a bit of a smaller but happier squad because everyone will contribute.

If we keep Phil we'll be just a CB away from an awesome squad and that can be addressed in January as well.

The reveal-video on LFC's facebook page is hilarious... Camera shows someone touching the PL-logo on the shirt, then thouching the sponsor-logo on the other sleeve, then stroking the club crest, camera zooms out, Oxlaide-Chamberlain turns his face to the camera and gives a big grin... :lmao

Welcome to the club and all the best...

You're forum posts are always a great read cheers @Babuyaku

Welcome OX

Welcome Ox, think he will do well here

So... what number will he wear? That's the only thing we're all actually bothered about? Will it be No. 8? Or is that reserved for Naby...


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