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Liverpool v Crystal Palace Anfield Saturday 18th September

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--- Quote from: LiamG on September 16, 2021, 07:44:22 am ---Anyone think Salah will be rested?

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Not at all. He'll get a week off after this one

Mané has scored in his last 8 games against Palace I think?! And he’ll be nicely rested too.

I’m wondering if we’ll see Konate alongside Van Dijk? Or maybe we just save him til the League Cup now? You’d think Matip may get a rest though.

Midfield, as ever is where we’re more likely to make a couple of changes I reckon. Thiago and Keita both possibly due a start, doubt they both will. Good to have options!

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Konate, Jones and Minamino get their 1st starts of the season.

Not sure Gomez or Matip will start. Think we could see Jota rotated out. Plus we’ll always see some rotation in midfield. I’d expect Thiago to start alongside 1 of Fabinho/Henderson and 1 of Keita/Jones

tubby pls.:
Jota and Salah both subbed yesterday suggests they'll start alongside Mane.


--- Quote from: tubby pls. on September 16, 2021, 09:00:00 am ---Jota and Salah both subbed yesterday suggests they'll start alongside Mane.

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Yeah, as much as Klopp will want to use what depth the squad has, I think the front three plus Trent and maybe Fabinho will be playing where possible, at least until Firmino is back, which should hopefully be very soon.


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