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Mancs away 13/5 if their fans permit it

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Come on Redmen!!
Well Leicester drawing against 10 man Southampton leaves the top 4 door open. Playing them is always massive and stressful. I just hope our front four bring their shooting boots with them as these are beatable and will give us chances.
I do worry that their set up is exactly what we do not like with our makeshift defence and their speed on the break.
Bizarrely, missing Phillips has cost us in the last two and I did not hear specifically if he is fit. If he is I think he must start with Fab in midfield.
I would start Sadio from the bench and have Thiago and Milner making up the midfield.
Hoping for a narrow win.

We shit the bed at their place 99% of the time. Given our shit form, I will take a draw if you offer it.

Brain Potter:
Canít remember if Iíve ever been less arsed about a United v Liverpool game in my life. Once itís on Iíll be wound up I guess but this game normally has me on edge days before.
Having said that a win is vital if any chance of a top 4 is to be realistic. Chelsea go to Man City next week I think so they may weíll drop points there.
The thing is United are a decent team but well beatable. We are better away from home, so we are well capable of giving them a good hiding. Itís the hope that kills you though.

Historically these games seem to live their own life, disconnected from the respective teams performance in the league, so I have hope.

According to the Times, United are fearful that fans will disrupt the game tomorrow. There are rumours of the coaches being blocked. Looks like they are having to bring in more police.


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