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Liverpool FC Forum / Re: The Top Six Mini-League and the Run In...
« Last post by gb096 on Today at 03:44:21 AM »
Sturridge has been the let down this season, with Mane missing matches we needed him to step up, but due to his injuries he has failed to do so and we did not have the firepower upfront. We need to address that over the summer. Without top 4 will we get the money to invest in top players?? That is what the squad needs to push on and challenge. You can see Man City investing heavily this summer as well as Man Utd. Going to be harder next year as Pep has had a season to adjust to the Prem, Mourinho will spend to push for the title next year.
I expect we'll either have to negotiate a buyout or go the dreaded loaned-out-while-paying-most-of-his-wages route. Even the latter would be beneficial to us, though, because unfortunately his is a wasted spot on the senior playing list and leaves us desperately short-handed. Having him and Ings as two of our striking options has been disastrous. We'd have been far better off keeping the misfit Benteke around who can stay on the pitch and score goals... but then we wouldn't have won the Net Spend Olympics.

Sorry... just the subject of Daniel Sturridge circa 2014-17 turns me into a whinging mingebag.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: FSG (*)
« Last post by Historical Fool on Today at 03:37:05 AM »
Can someone link to a verifiable source that the club actually made a "profit last transfer window"?
The Boozer / Re: Well, the cow penis isn't in the den as yet...
« Last post by Serenity on Today at 03:21:54 AM »
cool, the ides of March...
The Boozer / Re: Well, the cow penis isn't in the den as yet...
« Last post by Samie on Today at 03:20:25 AM »
I'm one day older than you.
I think he's on drugs.
General Football and Sport / Re: Sergio Ramos
« Last post by jooneyisdagloomy on Today at 02:44:02 AM »
He's an incredible player with an incredible propensity for the red mist. It's no shame for any player to be humiliated by the likes of Messi and Ronaldinho. The problem is because of his status as the captain of Madrid, he seems to take it far more personally and as a result, the inner thug comes out.
The Boozer / Well, the cow penis isn't in the den as yet...
« Last post by Serenity on Today at 02:36:04 AM »
Codrington College, Barbados, Caribbean
mistook Caribbean for Korean? Ridiculous...

btw- the cow's penis is a weapon when dried; these are also the Caribbean's traditional martial arts teaching along with the church calendar, they go hand in hand

Barbados tourist destinations...

Ee'eetotsee kuu'lintee explained more on the far right, the Caribbean Tuh'yuu'tuu, The Broken Trident, sky map
Seeday on the left and right of it

My birthday, March 14th, 1989, the age's day, Pisces aligned...Undomiel if you like LOTR
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: The Nathaniel Clyne Experience
« Last post by joekim87 on Today at 02:29:35 AM »
Trent is a tall lad as well. I think he'll replace Clyne in 2018 or at the latest 2019. We won't buy a player in the rightback position.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Loan Watch 2016-17
« Last post by joekim87 on Today at 02:26:29 AM »
Why would celebrating with his current teammates be stupid?  He has been told as much that he's not coming back to the club so why should he care about what our fans or first team think?

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Sure it was just a simple handshake.... I'm Asian and I wouldn't ask for ice-cream after dinner when I just brought home my report card with 9 A+ and 1 A. You only ask for ice-cream when you get straight A+s. I would sit my ass down and lie low for the next 6 months. Sahko is on probation but he keeps rubbing people at the club/supporters the wrong way.
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