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Went Tuesday and Wednesday. Dropped off a bit but tonight I went late as not in work tomorrow. Hence late post

45 mins step machine. Hoody on. 1200 calories

Feeling much better. Golf tomorrow, football saturday
My son's 7th birthday on Saturday. 3pm the party starts. Lots to do. So I'll be following the game on bbc updates then. 10 minutes into April 1st she gives birth. 10 minutes. And now this.

12:30pm kick off. Please fuck that off. You'd been showing signs in recent years, but please... not for this one. And after an international 'break' aswell. We haven't looked good at all in these early kick offs, but then who does? Who looks good at a 12 pm kick off? Nobody. So why program a game like this into a 12:30 k.o slot?

For amusement perhaps.

Two teams with a pivotal fella down, one of which will be for a long time, and a speedy recovery for him is wished. They have a goalscorer, and we have a pained midfield with nobody to pin hopes on ahead of it.

I'd be moving Coutinho into Lallana's position, and I'd give Woodburn a blast. Or go Woodburn for Lallana, if you're feeling adventurous. I'll eat my foot seeing Gruijic or Stewart. Possibly more.

Liverpool FC Forum / Re: FSG (*)
« Last post by Suareznumber7 on Today at 01:28:17 AM »
We've said these exact words before of course. I'm still on the fence but if they don't do better this summer I might just fall off it.
And what happens if we do sell Coutinho and have a low or negative net spend again?  What are people going to actually do?
Media and Arts / Re: WWE/Other Wrestling Thread
« Last post by XabiArt on Today at 01:26:07 AM »
I don't know if anyone heard this weeks ross report. But jr spoke at the end of how the cat was calling for his mum and jr said he kept telling the cat that it's just them two now, and he would break down every time he said it. And now the cat has died as well.

Really feel for jr, not a massive cat person but you feel it would have been good company for him.
Media and Arts / Re: Legion
« Last post by Trada on Today at 01:24:39 AM »
Loved the final episode totally off the wall it was always missing a bit of Pink Floyd.

I would go as far as saying a ground breaking series.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Liverpool set to transform Kirkby Academy
« Last post by joekim87 on Today at 01:23:45 AM »
Having Rooney, Baines and Barkley the past decade would have definitely added a couple more trophies to the cabinet.
General Football and Sport / Re: Bundesliga Thread
« Last post by Chris~ on Today at 01:20:01 AM »
I'm on the side that Dortund have a set-up/situation that is very good for developing young players, but if you're counting the 24 when they signed Piszczek and Mkhitaryan, Rosicky who left Dormund before we even signed Torres, or Emre Mor who has one more career start for Dortmund than Woodburn as recent success stories for young players, then we could make a pretty good list as well.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: FSG (*)
« Last post by Suareznumber7 on Today at 01:19:24 AM »
That's what they will get called out from the city until they change their tune and at least nod to the fact that it is a football club in its community first and foremost, a business second.

With all due respect, multi-million/billion pound businesses are always going to be business first.   
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Dings can only get better
« Last post by dakid on Today at 01:15:29 AM »
I don't share that opinion. I appreciate the sample size is small but his attacking stats from last year are better than Bobby's this year!

Its almost as if Firmino isn't a striker to begin with..... And he will be back to not being one next year i believe.
Dany's throne looks interesting.

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