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BBC documentary 9pm about him tomorrow and bereaved families
Season 1 was so good. Season 2 was an absolute car crash.
News and Current Affairs / Re: Question Time.
« Last post by Kashinoda on Today at 09:27:27 PM »
Finding this quite decent to be fair
News and Current Affairs / Re: The Irish Politics Thread.
« Last post by stockdam on Today at 09:26:21 PM »

As for the referendum, should NI and the Republic accept whatever the UK decide? So if its hard border, greater restrictions on such a commin travel area, customs checks at the border?

In the short term it has nothing to do with the ROI as it's a UK decision whether to leave the EU or not.

As for the border, I would doubt if anything will happen as nobody wants it. There already is a hard border for anyone in NI but it is to the rest of the UK (GB). I don't think GB will care about the border, NI won't want it and the ROI won't want it. The EU may try to force it but in that case just stick two old boys on the border checkpoints who just wave at everybody.

You may find the issue of the border coming up if one side starts to be hit financially but I think there's no desire to implement it.
They're properly fuming over the anfield wrap article, even if there are some very valid points there about the financials
Ticket and Travel Info / Re: Away Games
« Last post by PhilMahon on Today at 09:21:59 PM »
Great, don't know how they managed this one, better give them a shout tomorrow.
The Boozer / Re: How do you make Scouse?
« Last post by kavah on Today at 09:17:16 PM »
Half a carrot? Two and a quarter potatoes? What the fuck?

Ha ha - what can you do with the other half - please don't answer :D
Technology and Science / Re: Kodi / XBMC
« Last post by a fuckin idiot on Today at 09:16:27 PM »
I'd recommend a 2gb+ android box such as the m8. My rk8 is really smooth with everything i throw at it. Cost about£౩0 or.just under.

But, if you've got a laptop,. surely that's going to be way smoother than a firestick? Use a lead or cast to your telly.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: FSG (*)
« Last post by Eel Lobo on Today at 09:16:25 PM »
What cash are they raking in?
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: FSG (*)
« Last post by Eel Lobo on Today at 09:15:28 PM »
Would you say I'm the best priest in all of Ireland?

Certainly in the top 1% as far as I'm concerned. Decent.
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