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We shouldn't underestimate any opposition mate.

Palace are actually decent and can easily cause us problems. Zaha has been in excellent form and Benteke as well. They certainly pose a threat going forward, especially their wingers who will look to swing in crosses for Benteke and/or constantly hoof it up to him. If we maintain the same level of quality and grittiness as our previous two matches we can take all 3 points, but again it will come down to cutting off Benteke's supply.

Aye they are a threat that's why I gave them them 1.
News and Current Affairs / Voting dilemma
« Last post by Andy ♥ Old Trafford on Today at 01:00:13 PM »
Voted Labour all my life but Corbyn is more up for leaving Europe than the Tories.

Thinking of voting for a progressive party that stands for something.

What's annoying is the number of votes Labour would have gained opposing Brexit
They have an absolutely nightmarish run. If we win today I'd almost go as far as saying it's done.
Win today?  Big ask.

If we do, it's far from done.

If we don't, we are still favourites to do it.

General Football and Sport / Re: Spurs
« Last post by Pistolero on Today at 12:59:56 PM »
make or break game for them at Palace on Wednesday doubt Rentboy FC will be 7 points clear of them by then as Southampton are shite....need to keep the gap to 4 going into the weekend and the North London derby
Do Hull still have those shitty owners who tried to rename them?
Still time to catch a virus though. :no

I reckon there's just enough time for my Mac to Catch a virus before kick off...
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: New Kit 2013/14/15/16 going into 17
« Last post by Schmidt on Today at 12:58:55 PM »

every season...

no flashes, stripes, pinstripes, bands et al

red shirt - white collar and cuffs - red shorts - red socks

Sounds boring, and not really a big fan of the white collar and cuffs type shirts. The current home shirt is one of my favourites for a long time actually, though I agree on the blood red calls.
General Football and Sport / Re: The NHL Thread
« Last post by Die Nullfünfer on Today at 12:58:20 PM »
I take it all back about my Rangers boys, they surprised the hell out of me in that series. And Rick Nash FINALLY has performed in a playoff series.

As for the Habs, I always kinda liked the out of all the Caandian teams, but now I can sincerely say I hate them lol. What a dirty, snidey, whiney bunch they are, led by that childish, petulant little shit Brendan Gallagher.

As for the Rangers, Henrik Lundqvist was fantastic, as was Nash.
Skjei, McDonagh and Smith where the standouts for me in defence, and as the series went on Zuccarello, Zibanejad and Miller got going. Hayes finally got going as well in the game last night after a poor series up to then really.

2 rookies in Vesey and Buchnevich also impressed me a lot. Lindberg and Fast where both standouts too, they as such important players for this team.

Must do a hell of a lot better - Chris Kreider, he was a liability at times. And Derek Stepan despite having some nice moments, needs to offer a bit more offesively.

No idea who I want out of Boston and Ottawa, but Iook forward to watching the game this afternoon with no stress involved!
News and Current Affairs / Re: General Election on June 8th
« Last post by ShakaHislop on Today at 12:57:15 PM »
That's the Corbyn effect I would think. They wanted to remain but seem to have no issue with Corbyn's stealth pro-brexit stance.

63% of those who voted for him in last year's leadership election would support a 2nd ref. 68% of all members would support it.

It's an issue both sides of the party is united on, yet he won't even deliver that. Tosser.
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