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He's in the video for the new kit...

This probably means nothing. Mentioning it anyway.
Why play for a draw though? Is he going to play for draws away at Arsenal and Spurs too? There's like four games left and it's too tight up there to be throwing away two points before you start. They might find themselves needing to beat Spurs at WHL now. Maybe they think that's easier than beating City away, or they're just taking their chances with what the other teams will do

Am I missing some dynamic here? I know the draw tonight keeps it in their hands for now but it could be short sighted

He hoped to nick one on the counter... They had two chances to score, one when Bravo flapped around in his own area and just before halftime when Herrera missed with his header. In general it's more important not to lose for Mourinho. One loss and all of the sudden there will be more losses on the way... and draws against shit teams. He can draw his way to the Europa League title, so no worries there. In the league he is just taking his chances, because he knows that with that kind of fixtures coming up and his team's performances in big games, that they will never get 4th spot. So he just needs to keep the positive vibe of going unbeaten going. That's the most important for him.

If Gabriel Jesus winner stood, I have no doubt they wouldn't win against Swansea at the weekend... and maybe also lose away to Celta Vigo. But the injuries and red cards mount and I am just waiting for a car crash loss that knocks the stuffing out of them.
General Football and Sport / Re: Joey Barton. Bless.
« Last post by Frizzo on Today at 07:25:24 AM »
No. That's not what I'm getting at at all

Frizzo seems to think that just because Barton has a gambling addiction doesn't mean that he can't (and I quote) "balance it with logic". Anyone who knows anything about addiction knows that once it gets a hold of you then your ability to balance your behaviour with any form of logic goes right out the window.

He obviously doesn't know as much about it as he thinks he does. Yet rather than just admit that, he went ahead and started spouting more ill-informed nonsense. Its easy to say that Barton should have done this and that or that he could have gone and satisfied his urges by gambling on something other than football.

Addiction causes compulsive behavior. Like I say, all rationale goes out the window. The unfortunate people who gamble their homes and their marriages away know the risks they're taking. They know on a rationale level that they shouldn't do it. Unfortunately the compulsive nature of addiction causes them to abandon rational logic and do it anyway

It's easy to say that Barton could have gone and gambled on anything but football. Logically and rationally speaking, yes he probably could have. But as a gambling addict, as he admits to being, it's not that cut and dry. Anyone who thinks otherwise clearly doesn't know what they're talking about. Frizzo being one of them
It seems I've offended you and I apologise if that's the case. I know addiction in it's multiple forms is a serious issues. I have had and still have numerous gambling addicts and alcoholics in my family and close circles. I can see you're angry and that its a sensitive issue and I honestly understand that.

Joey Barton though, has proven multiple times what a bellend he is. Then he placed thousands of bets, including on games he and his team were involved in. Then he releases a statement saying "my integrity has never been  in question" and that it's everyone else's fault.

I would definitely have more sympathy for the situation if it was someone without all the prior gambling and non-gambling related indiscretions.

I apologise again if you thought i was trivialising addiction. I didn't mean any offense. Saying one is completely incapable of reasoned thinking isn't accurate though.

And the guy's still a tit.
I don't have Sky. And I didn't watch the game tonight. The BBC ticker may be to blame, or it's important.

Edit: Just beat them all and we'll argue about it later.

I'm still optimistic we can do it, whatever happens we are a progress in action.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: So what are these Youth/Reserve lads like?
« Last post by Welshred on Today at 07:14:33 AM »
Kevin Stewart linked with 10m move to Brighton next season. Very decent amount of money for him.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: The Top Six Mini-League and the Run In...
« Last post by jckliew on Today at 07:07:22 AM »
Means Yernited is still hard on our tails
News and Current Affairs / Re: General Election on June 8th
« Last post by redmark on Today at 07:05:17 AM »
So what are the projections of that based on seats? I still cannot see Labour ending up with less than 180 seats at a minimum.
Labour won 209 seats in 1983; but with 30-odd of those in Scotland. If Labour polls in the bang-mid-20's, without Scotland and the possibility of losing a few solid old northern (brexit) seats as well as a lot of those which were marginal in the 80s/90s, 180 could be quite optimistic.

General Football and Sport / Re: NBA Season 2016-17 Discussion
« Last post by Greatness on Today at 07:04:04 AM »
Very good season for the Bucks and especially Giannis, they will be even better next season and they have a great young team at the moment

Saturday 29th April 2017

Southampton V Hull City (1-1)
Stoke City V West Ham United (1-1)
Sunderland V Bournemouth (0-1)
West Bromwich Albion V Leicester City (2-2)
Crystal Palace V Burnley (2-0)

Sunday 30th April 2017

Manchester United V Swansea City (2-0)
Everton V Chelsea (1-3)
Middlesbrough V Manchester City (0-3)
Tottenham Hotspur V Arsenal (1-1)

Monday 1st May 2017

Watford V Liverpool (1-2)

Agree with many points here.

Origi, IMHO, just doesn't do enough. He's much more effective with other pacy players running into space, distributing the ball quickly. He's the kind of striker that is good when there's a bit of disarray in the box. He's a decent finisher. Against organised teams he doesn't really work defenders over, make particularly clever runs or bring others into the game.

I think we'd be better with Firmino playing central, Coutinho out on the left and then examining who we could play on the right. Maybe this is Woodburn, maybe it is someone else. Perhaps Moreno should get a run at LB and we bring Milner higher up the pitch.

We don't have a lot of depth so there are few options to be honest. There's a distinct lack of pace and creativity in our front 3 with Mane out.
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