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General Football and Sport / Re: The NFL Thread
« Last post by Buggy Eyes Alfredo on Today at 02:22:46 AM »

That undrafted player really riled up those philly fans.   
Media and Arts / Re: What are you listening to now?
« Last post by Djozer on Today at 02:21:29 AM »
<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

My favourite band for a good few years when I was a kid. Rafi's Revenge and Community Music were stone cold classics, possibly the best 2 albums of the 90s for me. I fucking loved ADF.
General Football and Sport / Re: Boxing thread
« Last post by Samie on Today at 02:16:13 AM »
You are clueless. Alderweireld and Vertonghen are more than decent you lunatic. Alderweireld is the best CB in the league by a country mile. Vertonghen has had a superb season, just have a look at our defensive stats if you need some help.

To say you'd probably have them at Liverpool is quite hilarious. They walk into your side.

Look it's ok, you can keep repeating we win fuck all, but the fact is we are more likely than Liverpool to win something at the present time. Remind me what silverware you are currently going for?

And no, our poor european performances were due to us getting used to playing at Wembley, and having some key injuries at bad times.

What trophies are you going for? remind me again? When was the last time you got to a cup final at least?

so you've been building a side for a decade that is in 2/3 years of its development?

Fucking wow.

Are you sure you don't support Everton? You fit all the characteristics of a bitter.

It's also irritating these players have reputations before joining our league, yet instead of taking the punt at a minimal fee we wait until they've done it here for a season or two and then pay mega bucks.

Lovren shown at Lyon, just like Van Dijk did at Celtic what they are capable of. Why wait for them to do it in a Southampton shirt first?

We should be going after players like Yeray, St Juste, Tah, Marcos Llorente, Theo Hernandez etc

Great point. Clearly whoever is in charge of this values "PL proven" as a significant criteria. We hesitate to pay 5M and insist on 4M for a potential like Dele Alli, then get players from mid table teams for 30M.
The way I see it, we're definitely in the market for a first-choice CB (according to the reliable journalists), and Lovren is good insurance. Matip & Lovren are frequently injured, so we're going to need someone better than Klavan/Lucas/Gomez anyway, whether or not Lovren/Matip are "first-choice" or not.

He's a decent enough defender, a good option.
The c*nt wrote this in The Spectator yesterday - words fail me.

S*n readers are 100-to-one on my side in the confected Ross Barkley row

Also in Kelvin MacKenzie’s Diary: Why I’ve changed my will to help south London’s black children

When Trevor Phillips stood down as chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, he had served nine years. His period remains the longest of any UK equality commissioner. So when the confected outrage started over my Sun column about Everton footballer Ross Barkley I was not surprised to see a text pop up from Mr Phillips. I feared he would join the Liverpool bandwagon claiming I was a racist because I had compared the look in the eyes of Barkley with a gorilla. Actually I and every football fan I had ever met believed Barkley to be white. Unluckily for me, but luckily for my enemies in the north-west, that was not entirely true. It emerged that although Barkley looked white, his grandfather was half-Nigerian.

The reality is that had I known of his family tree I would never have made the comparison, but since I am a columnist and not a researcher on Who Do You Think You Are? I didn’t know, and have yet to meet anybody who did. Including the Sun sports editor. So, with hesitation, I read the text from Trevor Phillips expecting it to follow the line of such luminaries as Stan Collymore — presumably from a dogging site in Staffordshire — and Virtue Signaller of the Year, Gary Lineker. But no. This is what he said: ‘WTF? I have to confess I had no idea Barkley was a brother. Sad to see a great city wallowing in victim status. Unbelievable.’ A number of MPs shared his view, believing the reaction was comedic, with Andrew Mitchell, the ex-secretary of state for international development, texting: ‘On behalf of all gorillas I’d like to make a complaint.’ The Sun did not see the joke and suspended my column. The readers didn’t agree and opinion was running 100-1 in my favour, with some threatening a boycott if I didn’t return. Boycott? That would never work, would it?

When plunged into this kind of storm, deploying the ‘my best friend is black/gay/transgender’ option invites derision, but I thought the story of my will would be helpful. Predating Rossgate by a few weeks, I contacted the fundraising department of my old school, Alleyn’s in Dulwich, south-east London. If I left the school some money could they guarantee that 100 per cent of the scholarships would go to minority children? I had in mind African-Caribbean kids from the catchment area of Camberwell, Peckham and New Cross. They went away to check with the chairman of the governors and the head teacher. I was given the thumbs up and my lawyer is now drawing up the will. I tell this story because I am forced to, not because I want to. Another victory for Liverpool.

At a super lunch by food writer Rose Lloyd in her home in Tourrettes on the Côte d’Azur, talk turned to the very funny Alan Coren (father of Giles and Victoria), whose widow has kept on their holiday place in the village. A one-liner from Coren that always raised a smile at such events was: ‘My hero is the bloke who founded Sainsbury’s as it kept the riff-raff out of Waitrose.’

During the height of the Rossgate furore I texted Tony Gallagher, the bloody good editor of the Sun. He replied: ‘In church. Will be free in a few minutes.’ How times have changed. In my more louche period as editor of that fine organ, I would reply: ‘In brothel. Will be free in a few seconds.’

As the size of Nelson Mandela’s cell on Robben Island still haunts me, I had always rejected the idea of visiting Auschwitz because I feared my tears would make the trip about me and not the victims. But thanks to persuasion from my longtime friend Richard Glynn, a former CEO of the bookies Ladbrokes, I spent most of Thursday at the camps an hour from Krakow in Poland. Nothing prepares you for Auschwitz. The stats are stark: 1.1 million victims, mainly Jewish, perhaps 230,000 of them children. If you didn’t die in the gas chamber, you would die in the field, because the SS gave prisoners so little food that they would lose weight and be gone in three months. My abiding memory was the shoes. The little shoes. The large shoes. The dust-covered shoes. Those victims were not forgotten. I had seen their shoes. Only 8 per cent of SS guards ever faced a court. Why? At the end of the day these mass murderers would return to their homes outside the camps to play with their children and cuddle their wives. Is this a German thing, or do we all have murder in our hearts? One other question: if it had been six million Christians, six million Muslims, six million Hindus or six million Sikhs murdered, would Holocaust Memorial Day be a bigger event? I fear so. Anti-Semitism is alive and well.
  Prediction - he supposedly receives multiple anti-semite messages from supposed Liverpool fans and takes the debate in that direction.
This team is only 2 - 3 years in it's development
Spurs have been slowly building this for over a decade.

It's taken over a decade to get a team that is only 2-3 years in its development?
'The Football Writers' Association is concerned by the recent bans imposed on The Sun by Liverpool FC and Everton FC.

While the FWA understands the upset caused by the presence and views of columnist Kelvin MacKenzie, the organisation feels that its members, the football journalists, are being unfairly punished for actions which have nothing to do with them.

The FWA has always believed in the fundamental principle that all of its members have a right to carry out their jobs and should not be banned because of the actions of others.

Following discussions at National Committee level, we believe the clubs should reconsider these bans and work with the FWA and Premier League to resolve the situation.'

“We have complete and utter sympathy with the feelings of anyone connected with Hillsborough.

“I was at Hillsborough and I am very aware of the views of our members of what happened after.

“We do not condone the kind of journalism that has upset people repeatedly, most recently with the Ross Barkley case - which was almost a perfect example of the type of journalism not to dirty your hands with - but we can’t be responsible for the ethics of our employers.”

“We just wanted to show a little bit of support for people who simply want to report on football and give their families some of the proceeds of that.”

Mr Barclay said he believed there were around 24 committee members who decided to make the approach - with two of those currently employed by The S*n.

He said he would be more than happy to conduct an overall vote of all members - thought to be around 340 - to see if the decision would be supported.

1. It isn't a freedom of speech question, S*n journalists can still report on LFC matches and news through TV coverage/sources etc.
2. LFC is 1/20 of the PL and 1/92 of the PL and EFL. Even if they had no sources on LFC there is plenty of other football coverage they can fill their rag with.
3. LFC are a private limited company, they have no duty to be 'held accountable' by anyone other than their shareholders and of course, as a football club, their supporters and the wider community in which they operate and abide by the rules of the PL, FA and relevant legislation.
4. If the FWA is so concerned about their members being affected by the actions of others, have they made representations to the S*n about how their lies affect their members and asked them to think about fact checking their output?
5. The freedom of the press comes with responsibility, something many journalists these days seemingly have no idea about, rather they think they can write whatever they like with no responsibility for facts and accuracy and then moan about any comeback as curtailment of their freedom. OK, report what you want, but be aware that private individuals and private companies have no requirement to engage with you, it is not an inalienable right.
6. If you don't want to be held responsible for tarnished by the ethics of your employer and disagree with their ethics, work somewhere else.
7. Not including the S*n journalists, 6% of members of the association came forward and made 'the approach', committee members or not (and it does not say how many committee members there are) perhaps the Chair of the organisation should have polled his members before making it public.
8. There are a group of people who were unfairly punished for actions of others, the families and survivors of Hillsborough, who were unfairly punished and continue to be punished by the actions of the SYP et al and the ensuing cover up enabled and abetted by the, specifically the S*n and journalists in the MSM. Where was the voice of the FWA then?
9. Paddy Barclay is a dickhead
10. The S*n can go fuck themselves.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Emre Can
« Last post by Oberyn_Martell on Today at 01:38:18 AM »
He should play deep whenever possible, never further up.
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